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Michael Smith also has a worthy take on what happened to the Boy Scouts:

“The Boy Scouts were tacitly, if not expressly, a Judeo-Christian organization that was allowed to be infiltrated by forces decidedly against Judeo-Christian tenets and yet I heard a leftist on the radio this morning blaming Christianity for the failure of the Boy Scouts, linking them to the sex scandals in the Catholic Church, as if either Jewish or Christian theologies condoned pedophilia.

TheĀ Boy Scouts of America tried to resist the incorporation of deviants and deviant acts (and I do not use the word “deviant” as a pejorative, simply to describe people and beliefs varying from Scout and social standards) – and what did they get?

They were sued.

Sued and forced to allow admission of social deviants who held beliefs directly counter to the stated beliefs of the Boy Scouts. They were even forced to create a female Boy Scout branch even though the Boy Scouts were for boys and the Girl Scouts were for girls.

Note that the Girl Scouts were not sued to change their mission, while the Boy Scouts were sued to include girls.

David Burge (Iowahawk) noted this process by tweeting:

1. Target a respected institution
2. Kill & clean it
3. Wear it as a skin suit, while demanding respect.

This process has become so pervasive that organizations would rather surrender than fight because they know they won’t get support from people within our declining culture.

It is like that with leftists and the Constitution as well – when someone or some group perverts the Constitution (or it doesn’t give them what they want when the rules are applied), they claim it is the Constitution’s fault and of course, the only remedy is to destroy it – the same way the Boy Scouts have been destroyed.

I think it was Charles Krauthammer who once wrote that if America is is decline, it is because America has CHOSEN to be in decline.

Lots of truth in that.”

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