2-16-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Political consultant Gary Welch joins me to discuss:

Governor Cox and his removal for needing permits for concealed carry. This is just another example of “look at the shiny object” type of legislation. This is not some radical new agenda for Utahans nor is it something bold and daring. They are making a big deal out of it, however, to make you to forget all the trash that he did as Lt Gov with COVID.

Mitch McConnell’s condemnation of Donald Trump is much bigger than people think. In politics, nobody is on their own. Before they make comments like that, they consult with party leadership, advisors, and other Senators. Therefore, McConnell must have backing from party operatives. Does this mean that the rumors of the GOP splitting up are real?

Cuomo is getting more and more heat for his stance on murdering the senior citizens that were killed because he forced senior centers to take on COVID patients. Even if Cuomo was truly doing what he felt was the right thing, it still turned out to be worst thing. Additionally, his response was not to try to make it right but to cover it up. It speaks to the mindset of politicians – it is all about them, not us. They don’t care and they don’t represent us. We need to demand that our politicians be Servant Leaders.


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