2-13-2020 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 1

  • * Guest: Bryan Rust – Rust Coins has been working to educate customers about precious metals – RustCoinAndGift.com.
  • * Honest Money Report: Gold: $1575.70 Silver: $17.77.
  • * Senators will vet Judy Shelton, a prominent Federal Reserve critic, for one of the central bank’s top jobs. Ms. Shelton has rhetorically questioned whether America even needs the Fed. She is a longtime fan of pegging the value of the dollar to some common anchor, like gold.
  • * Credit card debt is higher than ever – USA Today.
  • * The country’s outstanding credit card and other types of revolving debt have jumped almost 20% from a decade ago, reaching an all-time high of about $1.1T.
  • * The average balance on a credit card is now almost $6,200, and the typical American holds four credit cards.
  • * Groceries are the number one reason why people carry a balance.
  • * Nine U.S. Lawmakers Who Were Once on Food Stamps Ask Trump Not to Shrink Program – IJR.
  • * Treasury to Introduce Rules on Crypto-currencies. The rules will improve transparency in hopes of stopping money laundering.
  • * Trump has expressed skepticism about crypto-currencies, declaring, he was ‘not a fan’ and that their value was volatile and ‘based on thin air.
  • * Federal crypto-currencies, Coming?
  • * Nearly 3 years later, FBI director admits surveillance of Trump team was illegal – Jack Davis.

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