2-12-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Like a lot of folks, I’m learning that the level of dissatisfaction in my life seems tied directly to how closely I follow politics and how much time I’m spending on social media. Clown world doesn’t begin to cover how upside down things are becoming. That’s when I’m grateful for commentators like James Bovard who reminds us that sovereignty still rests with the people and not with Congress.

What’s the difference between a public servant and a parasite? John Green says, it’s not much when looking at the vast majority of politicians and federal employees. Don’t be fooled into thinking they’re doing you a favor when they claim authority over every possible area of your life.

If you’re not a smoker, you may be blissfully unaware of some of the heated battles taking place over certain flavors of cigarette. JD Tuccille has an excellent piece on how menthol cigarette bans will fail like every other prohibition scheme. He says the only winners are the folks who do what they please without regard to government restrictions.

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