2-11-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

We’re all getting experience at learning to live with the new normal. Unfortunately, as CJ Hopkins explains, the (new normal) war on domestic terror is based in what its promoters are deeming a “reality crisis” and you and I are about to be drafted.

Watching big tech de-platform and banish wrongthinkers to outer darkness is becoming sadly routine. Lipton Matthews says it’s not free speech that’s being violated by big tech so much as contractual agreements.

Anyone who has been paying attention will recognize that we live in a time of widespread lying. Alan J. Levine has a thought-provoking take on the decline of the art of lying. The four root causes he identifies seem pretty spot on.

What kind of society would you like to live in? I’m guessing that very few people have ever seriously considered how they would answer this question. Jacob Hornberger has a succinct and principled outline of what an ideal system of government would look like. Strangely, his system wouldn’t require reinventing the wheel.

Those who are truly fed up with the direction we seem to be headed may be considering the practicality of “going Galt” like the main character of Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”. Here’s an excellent essay on five things to remember when you’re heading out for Galt’s Gulch. It may be the best thing you read today.

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