2-10-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show

Given all the turmoil around us, it’s almost understandable how some people can become jaded. But how do you explain the kind of one-dimensional thinking that would have a person questioning a neighbor’s kindness simply because some of their family were Trump supporters?

Typically, we tend to hear the term “price gouging” whenever a natural disaster strikes and certain supplies are difficult to obtain. Right now, ammo buyers are complaining about being gouged when they do manage to find ammo. Jon Sanders has a great take on being price-gouged and happy about it.

Members of the political class seem desperate to show us how much we need them. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the attempts to impose government wage mandates that purport to lift our standard of living. Michael Tennant spells out the hazards of those mandates and how they destroy jobs and lives.

The TSA was barely tolerable before the age of COVID. Now, with their recent empowerment over  enforcing the wearing of masks, the TSA is beyond intolerable. James Bovard explains why one of our most hated federal bureaucracies is about to become even less popular.

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