Anyone who has ever found themselves arguing over whose turn it is to do dishes or laundry can appreciate how the division of labor works. Gor Mkrtchian has a helpful article on family economics: specialization vs. division of labor.

I’ve been guilty of referring to the lack of people willing to fill open jobs as a labor shortage. John Stossel clarifies that it’s not a labor shortage so much as an incentive shortage. All those government checks are having some unintended consequences.

Watching for the next crisis isn’t necessarily a sign that you’re pessimistic. It could just mean that you’re paying attention to how government types tend to use crises to justify claiming emergency powers. Judge Napolitano explains why these claims are typically based on a myth.

In the home of the free and land of the brave, isn’t it odd that only three states explicitly recognize that parents who allow their kids to experience freedom aren’t being neglectful? Lenore Skenazy gives kudos to Texas for protecting the right of parents to raise free range children.

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