12-9-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

This Christmas season is bringing a lot of changes for many of us. Whether it’s the separation from family or change in employment or some other consequence of the wildest year within memory, we can still find cheer during the holiday season. Annie Holmquist explains how.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Americans’ mental health is at 20 year low right now. Brad Polumbo shares the findings of a recent Gallup poll and explains why we must weigh the cost of renewed lockdowns on more than just COVID cases.

To further drive home why it is essential to weigh costs against benefits, here is the late, great Dr. Walter William’s last column.

What’s causing big tech companies to take a much deeper interest in banking these days? And why do traditional banks want to keep them from becoming competition? Scott A. Burns explains what bootleggers, Baptists and bankers have in common and why we must not allow prohibition in banking to take hold.

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