12-7-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

The anger being directed against those who refuse to mask up is reminiscent of a good old fashioned lynch mob. Allan Stevo has some solid advice regarding what it takes to stand up to and turn away that mob.

Also, to bolster the case for letting people make up their own minds as to whether or not to wear the mask, check out this article from Jordan Schachtel that clearly spells out how, even with near universal compliance, masks aren’t stopping the spread of COVID.

One of the most discouraging trends of our time is the growing chorus of voices urging us to discard Western Civilization. Paul Rosenberg has a compelling and concise explanation of what we owe to Western Civilization and why it’s worth preserving and reclaiming.

When everything appears to be in commotion, what can we count on to remain constant? In answer to that question, John Howting suggests, look to the altar–not to the throne.

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