12-4-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Thanks to economist Phil Magness, I learned a new term today: “Faucism.” It describes how public health bureaucracy is becoming a special interest group that seeks it’s own perpetuation and expansion of its powers.¬†This trend was predicted 170 years ago by Herbert Spencer.

If the police are asking you for permission to search your vehicle, that’s a pretty strong indicator that they don’t have probable cause to be doing so. Libertas Institute policy analyst¬†Molly Davis spells out why a routine traffic stop should be just that–and nothing more.

Jon Miltimore is one of my favorite sources of content for this show. I should be paying him some kind of royalties for how much time he has saved me on show prep.¬†His latest article is about what happens when the experts fail. It’s a subject in which all of us are getting a graduate-level education.

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