12-4-2020 Liberty RoundTable with Sam Bushman Hour 2

* Why do people deny danger of COVID-19? – USA Today.

* Sen. Ted Cruz tweeted his support of a new Pro Freedom single from Eric Clapton and Van Morrison. The blues-style single, titled “Stand and Deliver,” was written by Morrison, performed by Clapton, and will support Morrison’s Save Live Music campaign.

* States’ Electoral College clawback plans gaining momentum – Pennsylvania lawmakers insist ‘certain election officials’ have ignored ‘numerous illegal acts’.

* Postal Service contractor delivered 144,000 ballots that ‘disappeared’ – Amistad Project investigation uncovers more election fraud.

* Dominion contractor drops bombshell at Michigan hearing – ‘They were rescanning, counting ballots 8 to 10 times’.

* US District Judge Orders Georgia County to Stop Software Update on Voting Machines, Reverses Order.

* Officials in Georgia Issue Statements on Viral Video of Dominion Worker with USB Drive.

* Donald Trump Calls In to Arizona Voter Fraud Hearing: We’re Fighting Back.

* LA Supervisor Sheila Kuehl Dines at Outdoor Restaurant After Voting to Ban Outdoor Dining.

* Shoppers on Walmart.com who pay a $98-a-year membership fee will get free shipping on orders of any size.

* Salesforce To Spend $27.7B To Buy Slack.

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