12-4-2020 Liberty RoundTable with Sam Bushman Hour 1

* Wisconsin Supreme Court Rejects Trump Campaign Lawsuit Over Absentee Ballots.

* Wisconsin USPS Subcontractor Alleges Backdating of Tens of Thousands of Mail-In Ballots – Isabel Van Brugen.

* 6 reasons I’m not giving up on Trump – Joseph Farah.

* Alexandra Seely, 27: In a handwritten affidavit, and during a subsequent interview with USA TODAY, Seely described what she saw as she monitored vote counting in Detroit, Seely said she’s convinced not just that there was vote fraud there but that an entire election was stolen.

* Articles of impeachment filed against Ohio governor – For abuse of power during coronavirus pandemic.

* Fauci finally admits children rarely spread COVID-19.

* Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton have said they are willing to get a coronavirus vaccine to prove the treatment is safe and effective. They may even film themselves getting injected.

* Don Campbell, host of “The Perfect Storm” (8pm on RBN CT), just raised a VERY important question! In order to create (false) confidence in this revolutionary, virtually UNTESTED, DNA-altering injection, a significant number, maybe ALL in the first wave of injections MAY BE PLACEBOS!

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