12-30-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

Watching small business owners forced into financial ruin and despair is getting pretty old by now. Allan Stevo has some wise words of encouragement to business owners who aren’t ready to sacrifice their livelihoods to the Covid boogeyman.

Ever notice how some things in life sound bad but are actually good? Bryan Caplan uses his recent vacation to Mexico to provide a vivid example of what this looks like. It’s a surprisingly strong defense of free markets.

I’m sneaking some anxious looks ahead to next week–Jan 6–and wondering if the riots will resume when the Congress meets to certify the Electoral College vote. Daisy Luther points out something that should be raising some serious questions:  Isn’t it interesting how the violent riots of 2020 ended right after the election?

A great many people are reaching the boiling point as statists continue to back us into a corner, all the while insisting that this is what we really wanted. Robert E. Wright has a nice recap of some of the official acts that are sparking that anger and some of the acts of disobedience that are showing our refusal to go along.

One of the toughest things about finding the courage to stand up against the systematic dismantling of Western Civilization’s culture of freedom is that a great many people aren’t sure what they’re standing for. Paul Rosenberg’s series of essays about The West That Was is a powerful reminder of the good and worthwhile things we are losing.

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