12-3-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

Media gaslighting and manipulation of public opinion over Covid-19 has attained meteorological significance. No, all that hot air isn’t contributing to global climate change but it is creating at atmosphere of distrust and a climate of fear. Jon Miltimore has an excellent article explaining why.

We’ve heard a lot of talk about resistance in the past 4 years. Many of the actions backing said “resistance” have been in the form of lying, looting, attacking and burning. Jeff Minnick notes that we may be approaching a period in which authentic resistance may be necessary to preserve what remains of our freedoms. He describes what principled resistance is and why it matters.

Dr. Walter Williams passed away yesterday. As someone who has been a regular follower of his writings for the past 20 years or more, I’m sad to see him go. If you’re not familiar with this brilliant economist and teacher, Dr. Thomas Sowell can fill you in on what you’ve been missing.

If you’ve heard the term “Great Reset” being bandied about, it’s likely been cause for concern. Alberto Mingardi warns that now is the time to have a clear understanding of the difference between conspiracy and wishful thinking on the matter.

Want to understand how science has become intertwined with authority to further various political agendas? Thomas Luongo has a clear and concise explanation of politics, positivism and the science of tyranny. This is great philosophical ammo.

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