12-29-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

What do the American people want more than $600 or $1200 stimulus checks? How about the ability to freely earn their living and to live their lives as they choose. Cheryl K Chumley has an excellent commentary on this truth.

Waiting for someone in authority to give you permission to be free is never going to happen. Watch the video in this article and understand that our natural rights are only secure if we claim them, use them and defend them. This is a time when we need to speak with one voice on the matter.

This may seem like an odd topic but I promise you that you’ll think of me one day when you’re having trouble finding a public restroom. The answer may be that we need more pay toilets. At least that’s what Scott Beyer recommends. And he makes a pretty good case for why this is so.

On a similar note, having trouble finding a parking space can also be a source of frustration. Ryan McMaken explains why there’s no such thing as free parking.

Once again, Glenn Greenwald demonstrates what authentic journalism looks like. His latest article on the threat of authoritarianism in the U.S. is long on facts and short on partisan hyperbole. He also points out that Trump never manifested as the dictator that the actual authoritarians told us he would be.

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