12-29-2020 Liberty RoundTable with Sam Bushman Hour 2

* Cops arrest naked woman at home, bind her to chair nude for hours, taze her twice – received a $2.4 million settlement – ‘Law-enforcement officers who believed they were above the law got smacked down hard’ – Bob Unruh.

* Anjanette Young A 50-year-old social worker was getting dressed in her bedroom on February 21, 2019 when at least nine cops broke down the door and barged into her home, guns drawn. For 13 agonizing minutes, bodycam video shows them ransacking the apartment while refusing to allow Young to put on so much as a T-shirt.

* Chicago mayor Lightfoot tries to suppress video of brutal police raid on WRONG HOME!

* Nineteen people were shot, six fatally, from Christmas Day to Sunday in another violent Chicago weekend.

* Chicago has experienced 748 murders so far in 2020, compared to 481 in all of 2019 – a 50% rise – according to crime statistics. 3,180 shooting incidents throughout the year, compared to 2,066 in all of 2019.

* California’s Homeless Crisis Pushes Sacramento salon Business owner Elizabeth Novak Out!

* This Is Solutions Radio!

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