12-29-2020 Liberty RoundTable with Sam Bushman Hour 1

* Guest: Richard Mack – CSPOA.org.

* Trump signed the $2.3T coronavirus relief bill after publicly protesting against it.

* Nancy Pelosi Pass the Bill to find out what’s in it.

* Why is it that the so-called “progressive Left” in America – which includes Big Media, Big Tech, Big Education, Big Entertainment and the entire Democratic Party – has seemingly gone stark, raving mad? – David Kupelian.

* “THE GREAT RESET: How American and global elites are leveraging COVID to socialize the world.” – WND.com.

* Lawsuit seeks authority for Mike Pence to decide which electors are valid – Seeks immediate decision on whether Electoral Count Act unconstitutional – Bob Unruh. Case was filed in US District Court in Texas.

* Dr. Anthony Fauci said Americans could start thinking about a return to “some form of normality” by the fall.

* Fauci ‘lied’: Sen. Rubio rips doctor for ‘tricking’ Americans on masks, vaccines, COVID – ‘Has been distorting the level of vaccination needed’ – Bob Unruh.

* Employers can require workers get vaccine – USA Today.

* Vegas keeps hotels closed midweek – Dawn Gilbertson.

* Have You Seen The New Movie News of the World?

* Your New Year’s Eve celebration might be a little soggy – Doyle Rice.

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