12-24-2020 Liberty RoundTable with Sam Bushman Hour 2

* Guest: Eddie Miller – Host and Founder of BloodRiverRadio.com.

* Eddie Becomes a Christian, Tells of Past Christmases!

* I was a gang member — hear my story – Shootings. Violence. Revenge. Ex-gang member Jesse Holguin lived a life of bloody retaliations, run-ins with police, and violence on the streets of Los Angeles — until one moment caused him to turn his life around. He now works to lead Latinos away from the Left and back towards their faith. Hear Jesse’s incredible personal story of redemption.

* Stressed Out? Here’s 10 Ways You Can Help Your Mental Well-Being!

* Chuck Baldwin’s – The Birth Of Christ And The Birth Of America Are Linked!

* Glenn Rawson Stories: Does God Care About Human Freedom?

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