12-21-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Those of us who gave the side eye to our friends who were excited about Bitcoin just a few years ago should probably admit that we were wrong. As Paul Rosenberg explains, the decentralized nature of Bitcoin provides solutions to a number of problems that our current centralized currency is enabling. He makes a pretty strong case that Bitcoin solves more problems than it creates.

When it comes to solving problems, government should be the last, regrettable resort–not the first. The free market does a much better job and doesn’t require force or coercion to make it happen. Gary M. Galles explains how markets are about “using” people, they are about helping people reach their goals.

Need a shift in attitude so you can actually enjoy the holiday season? Barry Brownstein has some excellent advice about the power of gratitude for the web of interdependence all around us.

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