12-21-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

Being a principled wrongthinker will never be equated with taking the easy way out. Case in point: The IMF has released a new white paper proposing that dissidents have their credit scores lowered for visiting websites that don’t hold to the official narrative. Shane Trejo has the details.

Have you noticed lately how many of our societal institutions like government, media, academia, business and even churches have been co-opted by the “woke”? Michael McCaffrey warns that the family is the next institution being targeted for a takeover.

It sure seems as though the battle cry of 2020 has been “follow the science.” As Richard M. Salsman explains, this is only good advice if the science is followed in every field–not just in epidemiology. Otherwise, the control freaks tend to use this phrase to cover their own consolidation of power.

I know it seems as though the past 9 months or so have been one, continuous losing battle for the cause of freedom. Take heart. People are finally–if slowly–coming to their senses. Kerry McDonald explains how parents have won the battle to reopen playgrounds in California.

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