12-2-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

Is it possible to change the system with the tools the system itself gives you? Caitlin Johnstone has a take on this question that’s worth considering. If you’ve never heard of the streetlight effect before, this is an essay worth reading.

As heartening as it was to see the Supreme Court (finally) stand up against the padlocking of churches, Jeffrey A. Tucker points out that their intervention may come too late for many congregations. He explains why religious freedom deserves such prominence in the Bill of Rights.

This is a time of year when charity is on a lot of people’s minds. John Stossel has a great reminder of how private charity beats one-size-fits-all government approaches in every way.

“Believe the science” has become a battle-cry of sorts for those who support the imposition of centrally planned lockdowns to address the coronavirus. Isaac Morehouse has an excellent essay that explains what diet pills and persistent error in health and science have in common–both benefit the ones promoting them, at the expense of those on the receiving end.

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