12-18-2019 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 2

* Trump-Supporting Women Allegedly Abused at DC Event, Called ‘Nazis,’ ‘C*nts’.

* Eating chilies cuts risk of death from heart attack and stroke, study says.

* Interviews with 400 Military Leaders Reveal They Lied to the American People about the War in Afghanistan – ZeroHedge.

$738B defense policy bill, Setting Up Space Force and Giving Troops a Pay Raise, Clears the Senate.

* The House of Representatives passed a $1.4T spending package to prevent a government shutdown.

* Trump hammers Pelosi: You are ‘declaring open war on American democracy’.

* Chick-fil-A’s new favorite charity is Covenant House. It’s on Chick-fil-A Foundation’s homepage. It’s in their auto-reply emails. And Covenant House proudly sponsors Drag Queen Story Hour.

* Chick-fil-A ignores letter from AFA!

* ‘It just switched sides’: Chick-fil-A ‘has betrayed the Christian community,’ charges new report – WND.com.

* Hallmark Reinstates Ads With Same-Sex Couples. Company is ‘truly sorry’ for ‘wrong decision’.

* Lori Loughlin Claims Prosecutors Are Concealing Evidence. Lawyers say couple did not know payments would be used to bribe college officials.

* NJ Dem. Jeff Van Drew, joins the Republican party.

* Dem. TX congressional candidate Justin Lecea said he hopes former President Barack Obama gets cancer in a series of tweets.

* Barack Obama: women are “indisputably” better leaders than men. Obama made the comments at a private event in Singapore, according to BBC.

* Thanks to President Trump, drug prices are actually falling – The White House.

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