12-17-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

What does it mean to be a logical person? Daniel Lattier spells out the 10 habits of logical people and how they keep us rooted in truth and better equipped to avoid verbal trickery.

Pointing out that we live in a time of mass hysteria, isn’t a putdown or slight directed toward those who are in fear. As Philipp Bagus explains it’s simply a recognition that human beings are not that difficult to panic, especially when it’s the state that’s feeding their fears.

Here’s a story that’s likely to trigger folks all over the political spectrum. It’s an essay from Alice Calder that explains how “buy American” is a seriously misguided economic policy supported by both Biden and Trump.

One of the side effects of utilizing Zoom conferencing as a way to conduct school and work is that it’s apparently driving a crisis in self-absorption. Anders Koskinen has a fascinating take on the growing demand for plastic surgery that’s being seen all over the world.

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