12-13-2019 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 1

  • * Guest: Ken Cromar – Owner / Manager of Blue Moon Productions LLC, PROUDLY ANNOUNCING: “A More Perfect Union” And Miracles: In God We Trust! Films – MiraclesInGodWeTrust.com.
  • * Is God dead? Do miracles happen anymore? America’s college students have questions.
  • * Our nation’s birth in freedom didn’t happen by accident- it was bought with blood. The Founders and patriots prayed for MIRACLES in their fight for liberty-and got them! So why is this history no longer taught in public schools? Liberty experts are interviewed on miracles-yesterday and today.
  • * Starring: Stan Ellsworth, Linnea Miner, Rabbi Daniel Lapin.
  • * Supporting actors: Senator Mike LeeKrisAnne HallDavid BartonKate DalleyTimothy Ballard.
  • * Boy’s T-Shirt Design Leads to ‘Overwhelming’ Results. University of Tennessee says it’s raised nearly $1M for anti-bullying group.
  • * Trump Tweets About Greta, Then Gets Called a ‘Punk’ – Anthony Scaramucci accuses president of bullying a child.
  • * 100 scientific papers drive stake through heart of global-warming claim!
  • * Rashida Tlaib falsely blamed a shooting in NJ on white supremacists.
  • * The Truth: Two black shooters killed three civilians and a police officer in Jersey City, NJ, authorities said.

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