12-11-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show

It’s not easy to find freedom in an unfree world. So much of what’s happening seems to be out of our control. Kent McManigal reminds us that authentic freedom starts in our minds and hearts and flows outward from there.

One of the greatest lines ever spoken is from the film Serenity when Captain Malcolm Reynolds declares: “I aim to misbehave.” Larry L. Beane has a great take on what that means to people of faith in our time.

With all eyes focused on the Electoral Collage which will meet next week to cast its votes, Thomas Luongo has a message worth considering: “Less Electoral Collage? No, More Electoral College

Many of us have watched with concern as our police have been slowly transforming from peace officers into militarized enforcers. Brad Polumbo lays out the facts that all that military equipment finding its way into our local police departments isn’t reducing crime or making us safer.

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