12-10-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

My home state of Utah has joined a coalition of 48 other states who, along with the FTC, are suing Facebook over concerns that the social media giant is stifling competition. Libertas policy analyst James Czerniawski joins me to discuss the implications of these lawsuits.

As unhinged as some of the president’s critics have been over the past four years, they may be about to run headlong into yet another unpleasant reality–the president can pardon himself. Judge Andrew Napolitano explains why this is so.

We often hear about the “rule of law” but what does it mean? Ethan Yang has a brilliant explanation of what this phrase encompasses in the context of the push for more lockdowns.

So much of the controversy over the 2020 election has been centered in the personalities involved. The bigger concern for many of us is the problem of systematic corruption and what it means for our system of governance. Robert E. Wright has some timely analysis.

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