12-10-2020 Liberty RoundTable with Sam Bushman Hour 2

* NY AG says 48 states file lawsuit against Facebook in landmark antitrust offensive on Big Tech.

* Hunter Biden Reveals He is Under a Federal Tax Investigation.

* Rush Limbaugh sounds ominous warning about future of America – ‘We can’t be in this dire a conflict without something giving somewhere’ – Joe Kovacs – Limbaugh believes the nation is moving toward secession.

* Former federal security officials are urging Joe Biden to more seriously acknowledge the growing danger of domestic terrorism, and they welcome signs that he plans to do so.

* Betsy DeVos: ‘Free’ college is a ‘socialist takeover of higher education’.

* Newsom ignores Supreme Court, doubles down on religious-gathering restrictions.

* Republican senators find body bags and anti-Trump messages on their doorsteps.

* Governor pummels network for ‘more misleading reporting’ – Report implied South Dakota hospitals are in crisis.

* Embryo reanimated after quarter-century on ice for record-breaking live birth – ‘Proof positive that no embryo should ever be discarded’.

* University settles with midwife student after threatening to expel her for pro-life views – ‘Fitness to practice’ investigation, ban on hospital placement.

* Abortion the leading cause of death during coronavirus – Killed 37 million worldwide.

* Two British people with severe allergies apparently had allergic reactions to Pfizer/BioTech’s COVID-19 vaccine, raising questions about whether it is safe.

* FDA Reports that 6 People Died During Pfizer COVID Vaccine Trial!

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