12-1-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Gary Welch joins me for another principled discussion of current events. Among the topics we cover:

  • Is corruption an issue with our government or is it because we have corrupt political parties?
  • Can the GOP be reformed?
  • Why do politicians get away with so much? From mishandling classified material to purchasing voting machines that have known flaws in them, some engage in these obviously¬†illegal and unethical¬†activities and have no consequences.
  • Why do 3rd parties fail?
  • Did the Libertarian Party cost Donald Trump this election? Some believe that they did and why would they think that is a good thing?
  • Why was the policy on COVID based on general containment? Did they read the studies that showed that, during the Ebola outbreak, containment failed miserably?
  • The impact that COVID has had on the Children with Special Needs and their families. Another unintended consequence of horrible government planning?
  • The current scare tactic of running out of ICU beds. Why is this a lie and what is this really about?
  • Why is COVID-19 being treated differently than a normal flu virus? We normally have vaccines for flu viruses at the beginning of the flu season. Why is it taking so long to create one now?

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