11-7-2019 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 1

Liberty RoundTable Radio Show Hour 1 – 11/7/2019
* Guest: Bryan Rust – Over the past 50 years, Rust Coins has been working to educate customers about precious metals – RustCoinAndGift.com.
* Honest Money Report: Gold: $1484.00 Silver: $17.59.
* Former Mexican Foreign Minister Jorge Castaneda suggested the family had been targeted. “They had stood up to the drug cartels, and they did have certain frictions either with the cartels or with neighboring communities over water rights,”.
* CNN reports another family member was murdered in 2009 after establishing patrols against cartels.
* Relative Taylor Langford sides with Castaneda. “There was no mistaken identity,” He tells CBS News, noting women and children were attacked “in broad daylight.
* Mormon Massacre in Mexico May Be Tied to Gang War, Officials Say!
* In Hot Seat, Big Banks Raise Wages.
* Bank of America announced that it plans to raise its minimum wage to $20 an hour as congressional hearings put pressure on bank executives.
* Last year confirmed record annual profits for banks.
* What happened to all those flying cars? – USA Today.
* Donald Trump Jr. goes public: Tweets alleged name of whistle-blower
* CIA analyst Eric Ciaramella, whom Real Clear Investigations suggests is the likely whistle-blower.

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