11-6-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

The after-election drama and spin that we were all expecting is here. As Sean Collins explains, if there’s a bright spot to the 2020 American general election, it’s that the elitists’ “woke” identitariansm was rejected by millions.

Another bright spot of this past week is that we’re seeing clearly how corruptible and incompetent government can be at all levels. As Dan Sanchez and Jon Miltimore point out, if government can’t even count ballots, how can we expect it to manage a virus or our healthcare?

The Fifth of November has come and gone, remembered by fans of V for Vendetta as proof that life imitates art. Daniel Buck shows how crises are exploited in order to destroy liberty.

As much as we may wish to pretend that everything hinges on the outcome of this particular presidential race, the truth is that some things aren’t likely to change regardless. Judge Andrew Napolitano spells out how the U.S. government still will have a voracious appetite for spying on us, no matter who is in the White House.

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