11-6-2019 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 2

Liberty RoundTable Radio Show Hour 1 – 11/6/2019
* Minnesota’s Jayson Gonzalez is now a Krispy Kreme’s independent operator – As a bonus, Gonzalez’s first 500 boxes of a dozen doughnuts each will be free!
* ABC News anchor Amy Robach said she and her network had the story about Jeffrey Epstein and the extent of his pedophilia ring years ago — but the network refused to run the story for fear of upsetting some powerful people.
* Judge bans business owners from stating Christian beliefs – Affirms Colorado law supporting LGBT agenda – Bob Unruh.
* Now MD government requires ‘GOOD REASON’ to carry concealed gun – Supreme Court asked to review challenge to law.
* Gag order in case of 7-year-old ‘transgender’ triggers alarm.
* Parents fight back as overseas schools jam mandatory LGBT lessons on kids.
* Conservative journalist’s family finds creepy threat on security camera.
* Ammon Bundy: House Witness ‘Helped Murder a Good Man’!
* Roy Moore fights to keep $95 million lawsuit against comedian alive.
* Roy Moore officially qualifies for Senate race.

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