11-5-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

It might just be nostalgia but I seem to remember a time when election night was fun. It didn’t seem like an existential choice. Jeffrey A. Tucker has an excellent breakdown of the fun night that wasn’t fun.

Despite the angst over presidential politics, there were some bright spots in Tuesday’s election results. One of the brightest was the undeniable green wave for taking marijuana out of the criminal realm. Jon Miltimore explains why the march toward ending cannabis prohibition is a good thing.

As antifa militants patiently wait for the votes to be counted so they can know whether or not to riot, a strange calm seems to have settled over the country. Pat Buchanan asks, can a disintegrating America come together?

Could you differentiate between freedom and liberty? As much as we use these words interchangeably, there are subtle differences in what they mean. Sam Jacobs breaks down the difference and explains how these two ideas have changed our world.

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