11-5-2019 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 1


Liberty RoundTable Radio Show Hour 1 – 11/5/2019
* Salt Lake Tribune gets IRS approval to convert to nonprofit.
* Huntsmans give $150M to start mental health institute.
* MICROSOFT experimented with 4-day workweek; Productivity jumped 40%.
* ‘Do your job and print his name:’ Rand Paul urges media to OUT whistle-blower, says they worked for Biden.
* Georgia bill would criminalize transgender ‘treatment’ for children – Jack Davis.
* Billboard encourages white people to sterilize themselves.
* Trump spiritual adviser Paula White joining the administration – Randy DeSoto.
* Ministry to give away ‘Bibles for Kanye Fans’ after Google searches spike – Kayla Kunkel.
* ‘Over 1,000’ commit lives to Christ at Kanye West event.
* Authorities link Bibles and porn in communist campaign.
* New Chinese attacks blasted as ‘slanderous to God’.
* Trump proposes new rule to allow faith-based adoption agencies to refuse LGBT parents.
* Radio commentator censored ‘in case’ remarks offend Muslims – Quits after being told to avoid discussion of Sikh history.

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