11-4-2020 Liberty RoundTable with Sam Bushman Hour 1

* President Donald Trump Delivers Remarks On Election Night!

* The US Postal Service blew a court-ordered deadline Tuesday to sweep mail-processing facilities in more than a dozen states for missing election ballots that could number in the hundreds of thousands. US District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan in Washington ordered the sweep Tuesday morning after the Postal Service said its delivery performance had dropped over the past five days and could not say whether more than 300,000 ballots received in its facilities had been delivered.

* Trump boldly declares: ‘We did win this election’ – WND.com.

* Donald Trump Warns Election is Being Stolen in Battleground States.

* Georgia’s results from the 2020 presidential election were delayed Tuesday after a pipe burst in a room containing mail ballots from Fulton County, the largest county covering the state’s capital of Atlanta.

* A Georgia county is experiencing a glitch in in its voting machines during the morning of Election Day, numerous sources reported. Spalding County officials reportedly said that voting machines countywide were down.

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