11-30-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

You sense the coming change, and so do I. The question that’s on our minds is “what can we possibly do about it?” Paul Rosenberg has a few thoughts on what’s coming at us as well as what we can do to avoid being stuck in inertia.

For many of us, it’s a standing joke to see Hollywood try to reinterpret cinema classics through it’s warped “woke” lens. Annie Holmquist has a great essay on abolishing freedom under the guise of woke Hollywood. It’s definitely worth a read.

As you return from the Thanksgiving holiday, have you considered if you’ll approach Christmas and New Years the same way? Personally, I’m proud of the number of people who chose freedom and family over fear and compliance. Our authoritarian overlords wonder why we’ve stopped obeying them. J.D. Tuccille spells it out: we’ve noticed that their pandemic rules are only for the little people. And we’re not having it any longer.

Why is it that the issue of masks is so divisive? Contrary to what many believe, it’s not about whether masks slow the spread of Covid or not. As Jacob Hornberger explains, its about using force to move people in one direction or another.

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