11-30-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

The blizzard of disinformation that is raging around us can be very confusing. Here is some timely wisdom from James R. Harrigan and Antony Davies from the Words & Numbers podcast about how to make sense of all those weaponized statistics.

Not a day goes by that I don’t speak with someone who expresses concern over how the world is wobbling out of control. It scares me too until I remember the power of good ideas. Here’s an excellent essay from Art Carden that reminds us where the real value is found.

Masks have become so normalized that even those of us who oppose the mandates are a bit shocked to encounter an unmasked person in public. Allan Stevo has a proven formula for defusing the kind of confrontations that are becoming all too common. He counsels that to receive VIP treatment, you just need to act like a VIP (not a jerk).

What do anti-discrimination laws and anti-jerk laws have in common? As Bryan Caplan explains, their both based on the same subjective premise: He made me feel bad!

If you’re not following Paul Rosenberg’s excellent series of essays on how to identify and counter common logical fallacies, you’re missing out on some highly useful information. His latest piece tackles the fallacy of the ad hominem attack. It’s worth reading and absorbing.

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