11-30-2020 Liberty RoundTable with Sam Bushman Hour 2

* Guest: Dr. Scott Bradley – To Preserve The Nation – FreedomsRisingSun.com.
* GA Update: Judge Issues Restraining Order for 10 Days Preventing Defendants from Destroying or Erasing Dominion Voting Machines.
* Green Party Candidate Jill Stein Won Groundbreaking Case in October — Gives Campaign Right to Examine Voting Machine Source Code – Jim Hoft.
* Sidney FILED “The Kraken” Cases with Federal Courts in Both Georgia & Michigan! Gets Banned by Twitter!
* Ballot fraud hits ‘mass scale, in broad daylight’ – ‘Sometimes with the cooperation of state officials’.
* When did the media supplant the Electoral College? – WND.com.
* It’s NOT the job of the media to call elections. And until all recounts, lawsuits and audits are resolved, The Epoch Times will not declare a winner to the 2020 election.
* PA Supreme Court tosses lawsuit demanding rejection of ALL 2.5M mail-in votes, says no evidence of fraud.
* Sen. Rand Paul: Statistical ‘fraud’ was found in four states’ election results, these are the same states, where President Donald Trump lost.
* Chris Ruddy, the CEO of Newsmax, has found a business opportunity in feeding Trump supporters the fantasy that the president could still win the election – NYT.
* Soros-funded Media Matters accuses WND of ‘lying,’ ‘scamming’ readers for money – WND.com.
* Trump considers launching 2024 campaign during Joe Biden’s inauguration.

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