11-3-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

It’s Election Day and Eric Peters from EPAutos.com joins me to assess the lay of the land. Among other things, we talk about how the vote people cast today will reflect the kind of automobile they’ll be able to purchase in 2025. Eric breaks down the regulatory rigamarole for us.

We also discuss the concept of being “at war” with coronavirus and what that portends. If this is a “war” effort, then it’s pretty clear that war crimes are being committed against the population.

Thinking clearly and independently takes real effort. That’s especially true when the mass media is actively working to keep us in the dark. Jeff Minnick explains how the deception is most often found in what the media will not report as opposed to what it is obsessing over at the moment.

Not to dampen anyone’s enthusiasm for today’s election but there’s a reality that many of us find particularly had to face: A lot of things will not change as a result of the election. John W. Whitehead explains the hard truth of what will continue regardless of who wins.

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