11-3-2020 Liberty RoundTable with Sam Bushman Hour 1

* BYU–Pathway Worldwide Enrollment Surpasses 50,000 Students.

* Why Operation Warp Speed Is Completely Unamerican.

* Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer: Up to 6 months prison if businesses don’t surveil customers – Bryan Chai, The Western Journal.

* Dr Fauci on 60 Minutes – You Don’t Need A Mask!

* Twitter Removes Tweet from Top Trump Coronavirus Adviser Dr. Scott Atlas Saying Masks Don’t Work.

* Oregon Man Receives 37 Unemployment Checks in a Day Worth More than $14,000.

* Rapper Who Boasted About Getting Rich Off $1.2M in Unemployment Arrested.

* Stevie Nicks: There’d Be No Fleetwood Mac ‘If I Had Not Had That Abortion’.

* Singapore will pay citizens to have a baby during the pandemic.

* Ice Cube: CNN Canceled My Interview Amid News that I Worked with Trump on Economic Plan for Black Americans.

* Howard Stern Nears Deal With Sirius XM for Around $120M a Year.

* Michael Savage Leaving Radio in January 2021.

* Candace Cameron Bure says she’d rather ‘share Jesus with people’ than return to ‘The View’ – She left the daytime talk show in 2016.

* Kim Kardashian West Lands Podcast Deal With Spotify.

* Spotify recently struck a licensing deal worth more than $100 million with Joe Rogan.

* ‘Picking porn like a pro in no time’: Parents warned about explicit sex ed – ‘How quickly your once-innocent child can be corrupted. At school’.

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