11-25-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

As Thanksgiving arrives, I find myself marveling at the degree to which authoritarian governors are trying to lock things down as well as the degree to which the citizenry is pushing back. Jeffery A. Tucker has a great run down of the Thanksgiving rebellion of 2020.

The growing civil disobedience isn’t just taking place at the hands of private citizens. Jon Miltimore shows how even various government leaders have reached their limits and are refusing to enforce the health directives.

The resistance many of us are showing isn’t based in ignorance or pettiness. As Donald Boudreaux explains, it’s a natural reaction to the tyrannical behavior of busybodies who will not leave us alone.

Chances are good that this message is reaching you via social media. Do you ever find yourself wondering just how bad our social dilemma is? Joakim Book has some answers and they’ll likely leave you feeling a bit unsettled.

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