11-23-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

On today’s show, we’re going to learn a couple of new words: “interregnum” and “zozobra.” These words describe the period we find ourselves in and the anxiety that comes with an uncertain future. Chris Martenson encourages us to face them squarely and meet the future on our own terms. Seems like good advice.

Ready for some great news? Despite all the setbacks and outright suppression of our economy, entrepreneurship is accelerating at its fastest rate in decades during the pandemic. Kerry McDonald explains how Americans are pushing through the challenging times and becoming more creative and inventive than ever.

Something we should be watching very closely is the growing push toward a cashless society. With honest money, it would be no big deal. However, as Paul Rosenberg explains, our money has become a weapon of mass destruction and control.

During this week as we ponder and celebrate those things for which we’re thankful, Barry Brownstein has a powerful essay about having gratitude for our mutual dependence on one another.

The pushback against investigating allegations of corruption or manipulation in this last election is as vehement as it is curious. Most of us remember the non-stop efforts of politicians and mass media to prevent Trump from ever getting elected in the first place as well as their efforts to remove him from office. As Jim Cox points out, how could we possibly think that these same folks would ever consider meddling with an election to get their way?

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