11-20-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Those who are contesting the integrity of the most recent election aren’t just playing the part of a sore loser. They’re paying attention to the stated intentions of people like AOC who are advocating for creating lists of people to punish for their political impurity of thought. Rev. Ben Johnson warns of how this could impact us in ways we might not have considered.

Of all the freedoms we take for granted, a free market in money is one that few people ever consider. Thorsten Polleit has an interesting take on how we could make fiat currency a thing of the past once again.

In a related topic, Bitcoin is experiencing meteoric growth in 2020. Ethan Yang has a fascinating explanation of what’s happening and why.

When is the right time to rebel against those who would take your remaining freedoms? Brandon Smith has a few ideas on the matter. One thing is for sure, the ones trying to keep you under their control will never give you permission to stop obeying them.

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