11-2-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Why is herd immunity preferable to greater lockdowns? Michael S. Rozeff explains why Sweden has achieved far better results in managing Covid than other nations that have gone full authoritarian.

Paul Rosenberg’s excellent series of essays on logical fallacies continues. If you’re serious about improving your critical thinking skills, this is a powerful tool. This past week Paul tackled the fallacy of Nirvana.

As an added bonus: Paul Rosenberg has some great advice regarding what to remember while we’re all holding our breath waiting for election day to come and go.

Don’t be short-sighted enough that you start cutting people out of your life for some perceived short-term political goal. There are wounds being inflicted right now that will be extremely difficult to heal.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden is making his last-minute plays to his base with promises of greater gun control than ever before. Jon Miltimore has a better alternative: a libertarian approach to gun control that will reduce deaths without violating people’s rights.

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