11-19-2019 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 1

  • * Price of Super Bowl ads hits record – Advertisers are shelling out $5.6M for a single 30-second slot.
  • * Fox Sports reports that 60 slots have already been purchased, and 25 advertisers are competing for the 17 left.
  • * Hulu raises Live TV rates by 22%.
  • * A majority of Americans — 86% — feel that local news is valuable and should be available to everyone, but only 20% actively financially support the organizations providing it with subscriptions or donations, a study by Gallup and the Knight Foundation shows. The study also found that six out of 10 Americans oppose local or federal subsidies for providers of regional news.
  • * Podcast industry wrestles with pros, cons of ad services.
  • * Florida Officials Deny Library Funding for Digital Subscription to ‘Fake News’ New York Times.
  • * 70% of Millennials Support Socialism – PragerU.

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