11-17-2020 Liberty RoundTable with Sam Bushman Hour 1

* Red Pill Expo Liberty RoundTable Live Guest: Mikki Willis – Director Of “PLANDEMIC” The Movie – PlandemicSeries.com.

* Wisconsin Republicans Sound the Alarm on Thousands of Voters Potentially Circumventing ID Requirements.

* President Trump Posts 1 Video, Asks ‘Is This What Our Country Has Come To?’.

* Major Red Flag Pops Up About Woman Running Philly Elections – Sen. Cruz Demands Investigation of Voting Machine System That Wrongly Gave County to Biden.

* Associated Press bans using the term ‘crazy’ – More ‘virtue-signaling’ after capitalizing black but not white.

* Meet the Jewish Democrat at Fox News’ ‘decision desk,’ the man who called Arizona for Biden early.

* Boise State Coffee Vendor Forced Off Campus for Supporting Police.

* UK: Nurse Arrested Trying to Remove Her 97-Year-Old Mother from Care Home.

* Chinese Media Jokes: ‘Beijing Is For-Biden City’ – Chinese Media Defends Trump Voters: ‘Not Just Rednecks and Racists’.

* Democrat Abigail Spanberger: Never Say ‘Defund the Police,’ ‘Socialism’ Ever Again.

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