11-12-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

As tempting as it may be to look at government stimulus spending as a well-intentioned necessity, there are always prices to be paid when doling out trillions of borrowed dollars. Brad Polumbo documents some of the rampant fraud in the runaway Congressional spending bills.

Possibly the most disturbing aspect of last week’s election is the clear glee with which certain politicians are anticipating the great day of their (perceived) power. Not so fast, says Anders Koskinen as he reminds us that this was an election without a mandate.

If there’s one thing that political power requires to maintain its momentum, it’s the perception of legitimacy. James Bovard has a great essay about how our current muppet show is working overtime to convince us that it’s legit.

To understand the importance and timeliness of Jordan B. Peterson’s message, you need look no further than the intense hatred shown by his critics. Jon Miltimore has a great take on Peterson’s message of taking control of your life.

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