11-12-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

You don’t have to be a diehard Trump supporter to have a healthy skepticism of the mass media and the official election narrative. Jay Valentine is one of the most compelling voices of dissent on this matter. His most recent column makes the case that Trump is still going to win this thing–bigly.

On a related note, former assistant Secretary of the Treasury Paul Craig Roberts says the media knows there was voter fraud and asks: Why do they deny the obvious?

There was a time when I looked at defenders of the Constitution with a mixture of suspicion and pity. That was before I understood the genius of this remarkable document and how it limits the power of government over each of us. Judge Andrew Napolitano asks whether we still have a Constitution and explains how our ignorance is placing us under the power of evil men and women.

We haven’t seen much good news coming out of Oregon for a long time. This past election has provided an unexpected exception. Hannah Cox explains how Oregon has taken the lead in ending the war on (some) drugs and why that’s a good thing.

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