11-10-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

Eric Peters from EP Autos joins me to talk about the intensifying storm around us. Between the mask mandates and the election irregularities, we have a lot of manufactured uncertainty to deal with.

If there was ever a time to be honing your mental toughness, this is it. What does it take to burn the fat off your soul and become truly resilient? Here’s an essay that describes the necessity of hanging in no matter what it takes.

If you’ve ever doubted the idea that your vote still counts, the events of the past week aren’t helping. Jeff Minnick offers 7 simple proposals to fix our broken elections. Notice how none of them are the products of wild conspiracy or the outright denial of reality.

Matt Walsh has a spot-on response to the current calls for “unity” now that Joe Biden thinks he’s won the presidency. It’s not that we desire to be uncivil, it’s just hard to trust that the same folks who’ve been loudly threatening and engaging in violence for the past 4 years have suddenly had a change of heart.

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