11-1-2019 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 1

Liberty RoundTable Radio Show Hour 1 – 11/1/2019
* Guest: Patrick Wood – Editor of Technocracy.News and founder of Coherent Publishing, LLC
* Citizens For Free Speech as a non-profit organization to defend and support the First Amendment of the Constitution – CitizensForFreeSpeech.org.
* Freedom of expression of religion, Freedom of speech, Freedom of the press, Freedom to peaceably assemble, Freedom to redress the government with our grievances.
* CASE Act of 2019 Could Destroy The Internet As We Know It.
* Are you familiar with an Internet kill switch?
* Suspending the Constitution? Government Does Whatever it Wants.
* DHS Plans To Compile A List Of All Bloggers, Journalists And “Social Media Influencers”.
* CYBER WARS Russia will disconnect itself from internet this week in world-first test to ‘defend against US cyberattack’ – Harry Pettit.

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