10-9-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hr 2

One of the biggest indications that very little will change as a result of the upcoming election can be seen in what isn’t being discussed or debated by the candidates. The national debt being a prime example. As Brad Polumbo explains, neither presidential candidate is going to slow the out of control spending.

What’s the difference between tolerance and approval? A lot of folks struggle with making this distinction. Thankfully, Kent McManigal has penned a thoughtful piece that beautifully explains the difference.

Getting the sense that everything you grew up knowing is about to be stripped away and banned? Your concerns aren’t exactly misplaced. The revolutionary fervor sweeping America is more cultural than it is political. And that’s a very dangerous thing.

Barry Brownstein has some thoughtful advice on how to resist the woke steamroller that’s headed straight for us. Sitting this one out isn’t going to be an option.

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